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Our Server

Current Game: Modded Ark

The server is currently running modded Ark Survival Evolved and using the Volcano Map. Level cap lv.2208 instead of just 100. The server community is half active half unactive so everyone is invited to join us. Our mod-list is pretty huge and mod requests/changes be requested via email: Sebastian@NSPika.net .

Note to join the Server please add PikaDoesGaming on Steam

A detailed mod-list

  1. The Volcano
  2. HG Stacking Mod
  3. Annunaki Genesis
  4. Stargate Atlantis
  5. Big Raft
  6. Pimp My Dino
  7. Pimp My Home
  8. Reusable Grappling Hook
  9. Carts & Wagons
  10. Zipline System
  11. Progressive Weapons & Tools
  12. Hotpants... So Hot they're cool
  13. Temp Building Mod
  14. Aku Shima
  15. Buffed Darts
  16. Raft Piped
  17. Flying Rafts
  18. DBS Tek Tier 4 All
  19. Upgrade Station
  20. Spoiling Bin
  21. Super Spyglass
  22. Crafted Element
  23. ARK Karts Evolved
  24. Armor+
  25. Xtreme Pearl Converter


  1. No offline raiding
    1.1 if currently in fight, continue fighting is allowed
  2. Explosive Weapons are forbidden in pvp
    2.1 Tek Rifle is allowed
    2.2 Defenders are allowed to use explosives
    but only in their own base.
  3. Weapons that can make players or Dinosaurs unconscious are forbidden
    3.1 Fists are allowed but not recommended xD
    3.2 Poison Dinosaurs are included
  4. If someone comes in peace only turrets are
    allowed to attack him
    4.1 This does not count if both tribes are in war
  5. Making hostages is not allowed 5.1 This also includes putting other players into prison
  6. Bringing any wild dinosaurs (includes bosses) is not allowed
  7. A war must be declared 30min before
    7.1 After war declaration players have 5 min left to leave
    Declaring war is only allowed if 50% or more of the
    tribe is online from both tribes!
  8. Ben if u find holes in the rules tell it pls
  9. More rules will probably be added soon